Weeding Your Plot

How to keep persistent weeds at bay throughout the growing season!

Tools required for weeding

Weed is a part of gardening, I use the following tools to keep the beds weed free.

Hours of weeding by hand is the number one turn off to gardening but this doesn’t have to be the case. Using a hoe on your vegetable patch once a week will knock the weed back enough to let your vegetables thrive! The best time to hoe is when it’s sunny or windy as this will dry out the roots of the weeds. Best not to do it when it’s raining as the weeds may just re-establish.

Weed when it's sunny or windy Use an oscillating hoe

The oscillating hoe is our absolute favourite as its really quick and you can keep your back straight whilst using it. Important to have your thumb pointing up so you can keep an upright posture. 

To keep the weeds down on the paths we using a wheel hoe. Similar idea to the oscillating hoe but larger and with a wheel.

Keep your thumb up Wheel Hoe

Dougal Dorman, Head Gardener, Colebrooke Walled Garden