Transplanting Lettuce

Planting lettuce is a regular job here in Colebrooke. Lettuce is our top seller and we bag up fifty plus bags each week, so we plant and harvest a lot!

Here is Colin transplanting from a large open tray. These large trays are great as you can get around one hundred plants to transplant without taking up much space germinating them in the green house.

Lettuce try.png seperate.png

Choose a day when the soil is moist, after some good rain, to plant. Not hard to find these days!

Separate each lettuce plant, making sure each one has a healthy root system and plant ten inches apart. Plant them to the bottom of the stem as they were in the tray.

Give them a good water in and a sprinkling of organic slug pellets, then in a few weeks your lettuce will be ready.

plant.png trug.png