Thinning Out Carrots

Tips on how to help your carrots grow to be the best!

Carrots don’t do so well if they are planted in trays, instead they prefer to be planted directly in the ground. This is because a carrot is a tap root and if it gets disturbed it will not grow very deep.

Colin thinning 1.jpg Pull carrots 2.jpg

Thin your carrots!

Once they have grown a couple of inches, it’s time to thin, giving them space to develop into big, long carrots. This is the process of pulling out any that are clustered together, allowing 3 inches between each plant.

This may feel brutal, pulling out what look like healthy carrot seedlings, but in the end it's much better having big tasty carrots rather than a cluster of small, spindly ones.

Protect from pests

Remember to protect your carrots with a net to prevent carrot root fly. These pests can cause your carrots to rot!

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