Taking Cuttings from Rosemary

Cuttings are a great way to duplicate and multiple useful herbs such a rosemary, thyme or bay. Success rates when it comes to cuttings can vary, so it is important to couple of cuttings to increase your chances of success.

A video of Dougal cutting rosemary can be seen here!

Cut approx. 6 inches of a green stem of rosemary. Remove all of the leaves from the stem, leaving only a couple at the tip.

Prep a pot by filling with seedling compost and watering. It takes quite a lot of water to bed in the soil, and by check the before and after weight of the pot the amount of water absorb can be guessimated.

Dip the end of the rosemary cutting into water and then into an organic root hormone. This is not vital but will encourage the cutting to form roots. Plant approx. 1/1.5 inches deep in the pot. Plant a number of cuttings in each pot to assure more successful propagation.

Rosemary Cutting.png Cuttings of rosemary.png