Sowing Seeds Successfully!

Seed sowing is the name of the game at the moment. Here are some great tips for great success growing seeds.

Step 1: Seedling compost

Use fine seedling compost if you can get it. Other compost can be too rich for a small seedling.

Step 2: Ready your tray

Break up any lumps and tap down your tray to get rid of any air pockets.

Step 1: Seedling Compost Step 2: Ready your tray

Step 3: Water!

Water your tray before putting your seed in so you don't soak the seed too deep into the tray.

Step 4: Plant!

Thin out any weaker seeds and plant two seeds per cell, giving you more chance for success.

Step 3: Water! Step 4: Plant!

Step 5: Keep your seeds happy :)

Store seeds in a warm, bright place. Heat mats are great during cold nights.

Top Tip:

Only water your seedlings when they need it. Seedlings can easily be killed with too much kindness.

Step 5: Keep your seeds happy Some seedlings we have planted

You can buy seeds from a number of online stores. I know DT Brown Seeds and Marshalls are still supplying although stocks might be limited.

This week we sowed Lollo Rosso, Mazur and Navarro which are three varieties of Lettuce which go great in a salad mix.

We also sowed Savoy King Cabbage and Redbor Kale which are definite favourites. Finally, it’s your last chance to sow tomatoes. We grow lots of sun gold tomatoes which are the sweetest of all!

Dougal Dorman, Head Gardener, Colebrooke Walled Garden