Rhubarb and Orange Marmalade

I appreciate it is a little early in the year for making marmalade, but when Alison (Brooke House Administrator) provided me with a big bunch of rhubarb, I couldn't resist making this firm favourite!


  • 1kg of Oranges (approx 5)
  • 1kg of Rhubarb
  • 1.3kg of sugar


As marmalade's go, this isn't difficult to make but timing is everything. The setting point of marmalade is 104.3oC and if you have a cooking thermometer, it's good practice to use it to keep an eye on the cook. Granada made marmalade in our house, and did not need a thermometer. He could 'just tell!' I have not inherited his skill, and need to time the boil to the wire and use the thermometer.

  • Chop up the rhubarb and place in a large saucepan. Peel the oranges, and slice up the rind and add to the rhubarb.
  • Juice the oranges, and add the liquid to the saucepan, along with a teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Heat the fruit and juices on a medium heat and add in your sugar gradually, dissolving it as you go. I use granulated sugar.
  • When all of the sugar is dissolved, simmering boil the jam for 40 minutes.
  • Be careful not to over boil the mixture, and if in doubt do the gel test (put a dish in the freezer for about 15 minutes and the jam is ready if it gels when added to the dish). The mixture should not be boiled for more than minutes total.
  • Add to sterlized jars and seal immediately. This makes approx. 1.25 litres of marmalade.
Marma Fruit.png Marma sugar.png Rhubarb Setting.png Marmalade.png