Preparing Your Plot

A simple guide to preparing your vegetable plot for growing season

Tools Required

Tools Required

I used the following tools to prepare the bed for growing season:

  • Rake with small teeth to give a fine finish to the soil.
  • Three pronged cultivator for de-compacting paths.
  • Shovel for earthing up beds.
  • Long handled fork to break up the soil.

Step 1: Clear and weed bed

Clear and weed you plot from the previous year, removing any previous plants or weeds. It is time to add compost. If your soil feels heavy and compacted use a fork to break it up. If not just leave the worms to do the work.

Step 2: Add compost

One bucket of compost will cover one meter squared of your vegetable bed. Keep adding compost every year. Remember homemade compost is the best.

Homemade Compost is best One bucket for one meter squared

Step 3: Prep your path and bed

Now earth up soil from your path onto your bed. Use a cultivator or a fork to break up the soil then shovel on top of your compost.

Step 4: Rake

Rake in the compost and soil to produce a fine tilth on top.

Decompact Path Rake to fine tilt

Step 5: Add Fertiliser

Add a top dressing of organic seaweed dust and chicken manure pellets to feed your plants as they grow.

Top Dusting Types of Fertiliser

Step 6: Plant

Your bed is now ready to plant up!

Here I've planted courgettes and added some drainage tubs so I can get the water deep to the roots. Courgettes in polytunnels need a lot of water so this a good way to get them the water they need.

Planting Courgettes