A new market garden...

Growing Potatoes

It has been the ambition, of a few of the garden volunteers, to create a market garden.

Creating the space

At the start of April the lower section of the walled garden was cleared, ploughed and rotavated to make way for a crop of potatoes. This included the relocation of the fence from the bottom part of the garden.

Market Garden prep


By the middle of April, once the ground was prepared including the removal of all large stones and weeds, the potatoes where ready to be planted. Seed potatoes where cut in half and planted in the ground approx. 10cm deep. A variety of potatoes have been planted including Jazzy, Linda and Casablanca varieties.

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Protecting your potatoes

1. As your potatoes grow its good to cover them with more soil, giving the plant more room to grow more potatoes!

Potato tools.png Potato steps.png

2. It’s also a good idea to cover them when they are young if there might be a frost. We use the soil from the path to earth them up.

Potato frost.png Potato frost (1).png

3. A fork or cultivator are good tools to break up the compacted ground, then a shovel or a digging hoe are used to spread the soil around the potatoes.

Potato steps (1).png Potato steps (2).png

Watch this space!

Come harvest time, we'll need help getting our potatoes safely out of the ground, watch this space. Spuds growing...