Homemade Compost

Making your own tomato food

Tomatoes are hungry plants and love a good feed every fortnight. Many people use tomato feed bought in garden centres but why not make your own!

We use comfrey which we grow in the garden for just this purpose but you can use nettles instead if you haven’t got around to plant comfrey yet.

Comfrey is a perennial that gardeners have grown for years for plant food and to add to compost. It can be grown from seed or can be divided from another plant, so if you know of anyone growing it get them to share the wealth!

Tutorial 1 perinnerals.png 2.png

Harvest the comfrey when it’s about to go to flower. Each year you are likely to get 2/3 harvests.

Then loosely fill a bucket or a drum. We use this 10 gallon blue drum with a sealable lid. Fill the drum with water, then cover and leave for 4 weeks.

Tutorial smell.png Tutorial final.png

After 4 weeks it will smell awful!! Which tends to be a good sign that your plants will love it. Dilute in a watering can 1 part comfrey liquid 10 parts water and feed any fruiting vegetables, such as tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and cucumbers every second week. Make sure you feed all around the plant and not just around the collar. The roots will have spread far and wide though the soil. Our bed of around 25 tomato plants would receive around 3 watering can worth.