Garden Diary 9th July 2020

Plotting for the future

Ideas were starting to be discussed in the garden this week. This is always a time of the year when our volunteers start to get a little creative and plans start to come together about what our next big project will be in the garden. Some of these ideas don’t always come to anything but a bit like planting seeds, some of these ideas germinate and a plan comes together.

This week a few of us were sitting back admiring our thriving new potato patch (hats off to Colin for all his hard work weeding!) when someone said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to get some livestock back into the garden’. There is a big corner that is yet to be productive and seems to be calling out for some Tamworth pigs to clear the weeds and maybe some chickens to bring us eggs to sell at our Veteran’s Produce market. The idea had come after our second day running our market stall, maybe we were feeling rather pleased with ourselves, but optimism was definitely in the air! We could use the money we make from the vegetable sales to buy some pigs that will weed the ground ready to plant our next big crop, then we could celebrate with a big hog roast, doesn’t get more field to plate than that!

Potato steps.png Walled Garden All.png

Who knows if this will become a reality but by writing it here in this diary maybe that is another seed planted? One idea that gets mentioned more than once every year is the renovation of our historic glass house. It looms out at us from the top of the garden crying out for some attention. Our new volunteers are always the ones to bring it up and this gets the rest of us thinking. It would be the most amazing thing to have the Turner glass house restored, so the more it’s talked about hopefully this can only help its chances for its renovation to germinate.