Garden Diary 7th September 2020

Things we have learnt this season...

Everyone seems to be in a bit of a reflective mood at the moment, taking stock of how this growing season has been. ‘Strange’ is one way to describe it! Strange with everything we have had to put up with due to Covid19 but also a growing season mixed with ups and downs.

Pizza Oven.png Veg Market.png

Every year there is always so much to learn. It tends to be the things that have not gone well are the things you learn from the most. One thing I never seem to learn though is to give up trying to grow aubergines! After having one good year about 8 years ago I have had failure after failure ever since. When none of the flower develop, I consistently pull out the unproductive plants and say never again only to try again the following year holding on to a bit of hope that next year will be different!

Broad beans did not do well, especially towards the end of the summer, although our over winter crop we sowed last autumn did really well. My plan this autumn is to sow a full ridge of broad beans in the polytunnel and with a big crop for next spring to freeze anything we don’t use.

The big storm we had in August did more damage than I first thought. The sunflowers never really recovered and the sweet pea made an early departure from the garden. I was too greedy with sweet pea this year and planted more than was need. Less is defiantly more a lot of the time with gardening. If I had planted half as many, I would have been able to give the one I did have more attention, dead heading them more regularly and put more attention into their supports.

Broccoli.png Onions.png

Definitely lots of good learning! I think I will focus on the positives next week. One positive right now is I’m going to eat my first pizza from our earth oven since March, can’t wait!