Garden Diary 7th May 2020

On Wednesday I was preparing to plant out our dahlias, which make a wonderful cut flower, when Colin reminded me there was a forecast for a hard frost this weekend - bad news for dahlias outside!


They now will stay safe in the polytunnels until next week. Before the lockdown all the Colebrooke staff would have lunch together in the court yard and it would always be a chance for a catch up. Weather predictions and forecasts are a regular talking point, extremely useful for farmers and gardeners. Now, being separated because of social distancing we miss out on sharing all the everyday chit chat which can be so helpful!

This is a reminder how important the community we have in the garden is. It is not just about growing vegetables but sharing knowledge, stories and supporting each other. The community within Colebrooke and Brooke House is so strong. We have had such great events, workshops and BBQ’s in the garden involving so many people. All these events seem to strengthen what we do in the garden on a day to day basis with that sense of community and togetherness being at the heart of the garden.

Keeping track of seeds Get growing

Being a part of a garden that is involved with the veteran and ex-service community, which has such a strong bond, is a great privilege. Working together, planning events and the gardens progress is all about the people involved. Doing this garden diary has been a great way to still feel connected with everyone. There is so much more potential for this place but even now during this strange time our community feels strong and connected.

Now, it’s time to protect the potatoes and salads from this weekend’s frost. Take the time to enjoy all the simple gardening jobs when you get the chance and appreciate what we have in this moment. Can’t wait to fire up the pizza oven again though!

Regards, Dougal Dorman, Head Gardener