Garden Diary 4th June 2020

Food going to good places...

This was the first week that our harvest felt substantial. Getting through the months of April and May, where things are at the early stages of growth and best left alone, to get to June, where our baskets are leaving the garden full!

Gardenoverview.png Harvest Diary dougal.png

The sweetest broad beans are ready in the polytunnels and we are bagging up dozens of crisp mixed salad bags and the first few punnets of strawberries have gone down to Colebrooke House.

I think harvest will always be one of my favourite things we do here in the garden. It’s when all that time and attention pays off and the reward is delicious fruit and vegetables.

Over the years we have built a steady group of customers and I have got to know many of them personally. Each Wednesday they will come to the garden to collect their vegetables and its great if we get a chance to chat about all the delicious recipes they have planned. Seeing customers with big smiles on their faces when they take home their produce is a great feeling. I like thinking about all these tasty meals being cooked up in kitchens all around Fermanagh.

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Having more of a connection with our food definitely adds to the experience of cooking and eating it. When you have grown something yourself; spent the time weeding, watering and protecting it from slugs. When it comes to harvesting and bringing it to the kitchen your going to appreciate the way it tastes so much more. On my menu tonight is Pasta Carbonara with broad beans and asparagus, can’t wait!