Garden Diary 26th May 2020

Definitely the busiest time of year!

Starting to look forward to the summer now when most things are planted and there is a chance to just leave things to grow, instead of jumping from job to job in a mad rush to get through my list of things to do. I was in the polytunnel alongside one of our volunteers, quickly sowing some seed before moving on to plant more flowers, when he said to me “Isn’t it amazing these wee seeds grow into plants.”


Hearing that made me stop in my tracks and think, “YES! It is amazing.” Here I am getting flustered trying to plough through my list of jobs, when the volunteer beside me is sowing the same seeds but really enjoying the whole process thinking about all the potential. I realised I’m not going to get anything done quicker worrying about what I have to do next so instead why not get fully involved in what I am doing in that moment and enjoy it - a much better way to be!

Seeing other people enjoying the garden is as rewarding for me as it is for them. We are so lucky to still be able use the garden during the lockdown and to have others enjoying the tranquility working on their plots.

It reminds me how much I appreciate gardening. Seeing others getting pleasure from growing is such a help and to value the individual jobs for what they are. It would be terrible to not be amazed that a seed grows, so I make sure I do not take nature for granted and take the time to soak in each moment.

Overview.png Growing Veg.png

Hearing about all these people spending a bit more time in their gardens during lockdown and realising the pleasure that can be had from simply growing things is very reassuring. The simple things matter a lot and keeping it simple definitely helps enjoying the moment and not get lost in the busy times.