Garden Diary 26th June

Veteran's Produce

This week a few of us in the garden started plotting to set up a Colebrooke Veterans Market stall. The fact that around twenty spring cabbages were all ready at once might have had something to do with it. There wasn’t much time to set it up and we didn’t get to tell many people because of the lock down but despite all this it was a lot of fun to organise. One of the picnic tables got turned into the stall and our big harvest boxes started to fill up with cabbages, beetroot, garlic, carrots and salad bags. In the setting of the garden, beside the pizza oven it all did look the part.

We were not holding up too much hope to sell out but it did feel like a useful trial run. Some friends and family turn up and were keen to support us. What was great to see was just how enthusiastic everyone was to be around the vegetables they have growing, explaining to people all things we have done so far.

The ideal scenario will be to have a produce morning with our market stall in the garden every fortnight. This will give everyone a chance to buy produce and go on some nature walks around the estate. This is what we have imagined the garden should be about, people growing, socialising and connecting with nature. This market stall fits that vision so well and all seems to be coming together naturally with all our volunteers behind it all.

Hope to see you on Thursday 9th July for our first one!