Garden Diary 24th August 2020

I was working away earlier today pulling onions to get them stored before the rain that’s forecast for tomorrow. The day was getting away from me and I feared I would run out of time. Just then two volunteers turned up out of the blue and the job was done in no time - many hands make light work!

Harvesting Potatoes.png Potatoes.png

Some of the onions where not good enough to store but would be great to use straight away. In previous years I have made a big batch of French onion soup with the spares but other years they have just gone to the compost heap. There is so much potential to use everything we produce but a garden this size can easily over whelm you if you try to let nothing go to waste. The compost heap does thank you in the long run and if we get our pigs, they will thank us more. The birds and insects are competing with us over the best blackberries growing on the south wall. In an ideal world we would be selling jars of blackberry jam, apple and blackberry pies using the wind fall apples from last week’s storm, walled garden chutneys and bowls of hot soup, all at our market stall but there never is enough time to do everything planned. We do have some cider vinegar ready to be bottled and there was a rumour one of our volunteers is going to have a batch of beetroot chutney ready for the next market! Our September dates for our produce market are Thursday 3rd and Thursday 17th September, 11am to 1pm in the Walled Garden.

It’s great when you reflect back and realise that good progress is being made, even if you don’t get everything done. The fact that there is still so much potential for the garden and all those involved can only be a good thing and something to look forward to seeing how it develops. Thanks again to my two helpers with the onions, helping me get excited about the future rather than scared of it.

Produce again.png Produce.png