Garden Diary 22nd May 2020

Keeping up with everything that is ready to plant out is a big challenge at the moment.

Cold Frame.png

So many seeds have germinated, been potted on and are now ready to go into the ground. Making sure they now get the attention they need is important! Three rows of sprouts, cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower have gone in, moving them from the cold frames into the soil. Potatoes and dahlias, after suffering some rough treatment from the frosty weather are looking much healthier and growing nicely in the plots. Runner beans and sunflowers have been planted with strong supports to protect them. The list goes on and on!

Spring is always one of the busiest seasons for me and with one job leading to another, it can sometimes feel that the garden’s demands never end. When I feel like this, I know it’s time to get away from the garden for a while. Most days my dog Boris and I will go on a run around the grounds of Colebrooke Park. As soon as I get out of the garden and get to run amongst the trees, past the lake and alongside the river, I see nothing but nature and wildlife, with the odd exception of Lord Brookeborough encouraging me to run faster from the comfort of his ride-on lawnmower! I either get to forget about the garden for a while or work out how a certain project I’m working on might come together.

Diary Radish.png

Without the time away from the place I don’t think I’d see the bigger picture. Getting the balance right feels very important.

Even doing something like gardening, that has so many positive aspects, it’s important to rest for a while and put attention elsewhere. It’s a Bank Holiday this weekend and I’m very much looking forward to it! Come Tuesday though, I will be looking forward to get back to those demanding tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and every thing else that needs attention and start the cycle all over again.

Regards, Dougal Dorman, Head Gardener, Colebrooke Walled Garden

Volunteer Plots

We also wanted to share with you the results from the hardwork the garden volunteers put into their plots!

Veteran's Plot.png Howards Plot.png Malcolms Plot.png