Garden Diary 15th May 2020

Despite all our efforts last week our potatoes still got hit by the frost. Frustrating, but they should live to fight another day, although there is colder weather on the forecast.

I checked the tomatoes this week and the roots have filled their pots which is the sign they are ready to plant but with the cold weather on the way it could be bad news.

Tomato 1.png Greenhouse 2.png

They are on heat mats in the warm greenhouse so might get a shock when moved to a cooler polytunnel. There are three options; plant them in the polytunnels and hope it doesn’t get too cold, pot them into bigger pots and keep them in the heated greenhouse or simply leave them in their pots and plant them out next week. I was very tempted to just leave them as the thought of potting on forty tomatoes to then plant out again a few days later seemed like a lot of work.

Tomatoes are one of my favourite things in the garden.

They take a little more attention than most other plants, needing weekly tomato feed, trained up their support and their side shoots regularly cut off. They taste so good and are a highlight to the summer which makes this all seem worth it. After reflecting about how much I enjoy tomatoes, I spent the next hour and a half potting on forty tomato plants!

It is amazing the attention we will give to the things we value. From that attention it has the chance to get better and better. Gardening is such a good example of this. The more time you spend in your garden the better it becomes. The better it becomes the more time you want to spend in it- the perfect combination! Spending a little more time on the things we value is an important thing to remember. It is also important to remember how important we are, giving ourselves a bit more attention like the tomato, especially when the conditions are tough.

Regards, Dougal Dorman, Head Gardener, Colebrooke Walled Garden

Coldframes 3.jpg Orchard View 4.jpg