Fruity Blossoms

Around the Estate, 21st April 2020

As well as sharing information and updates from the Walled Garden, each week we will also share a snippet of life from the wider estate. Colebrooke Estate stretches over 1000 acres and encompasses a variety of different environments including ancient woodland, grasslands, pine forests and the winding Colebrooke river.

Blossoming Fruit Trees Present in the Orchard

Buds are appearing on the trees and blossoms are flourishing, including the blossoming fruit trees found in the orchard. These delicate flowers appear as a precursor to fruit on the likes of apple, crab apple, plum and pear trees, as well as other non-fruit bearing trees such as cherry blossoms. They are very pretty but they will only last for three to five weeks, before shedding their delicate petals. The blossoms key purpose is to attract insects to ensure pollination, as once pollinated, fruits will hopefully appear in their place!

According to RHS a cold snap in the winter can help fruit trees to produce more fruit in the spring months, as the trees have a chance to become dormant and gather energy for producing fruit. We had a mild winter this year, so it will be interesting to see what fruit is produced. The small orchard in the Walled Garden boasts sixteen fruit bearing trees, and traditionally the fruit from these tree’s has been turned into edible products such as cider vinegar.

Robyn Livingstone, Brooke House