Bottomless Pots

Planting Tomatoes Using Bottomless Pots

This is a great way of planting tomatoes, especially if you don’t have a polytunnel and want to grow your tomatoes inside in a sunny room. The fact you use fresh soil each time has a great benefit for tomatoes as they are susceptible to soil borne diseases.

Measure Up.png Cut bag.png

Cut the bottom out of an 8- or 10-inch pot and place on a bag of compost or grow bag. Make sure you protect your carpet if growing inside!

Cut a hole in the bag the size of the bottom of your pot and place the bottomless pot inside the hole. Now inside the empty pot place a length of cord in the bottom, around 7 foot in length. This is for supporting the plant as it grows.

Place your tomato plant inside the pot, on top of the cord and fill with compost.

Now rap the cord around your tomato plant and tie to something close to the roof. You can just use a bamboo cane as a support if you like. Keep training the plant up the support as it grows and water 2 or 3 times a week.

Place cord.png Tie Up.png